What are you waiting for?

​Free your thoughts from the limits of supposed realities. Return to the primal state of survival elevated by a sense of interrelation. You must succeed. Like breathing motivates a subconscious rhythm of inhale and exhale, so your goals motivate intentional steps one after the other.

​Your most definite and undeniable possibility, promoting your curiosity, spurring your internal drive. The audacity to trust in what you cannot see expressed with movement to an unmarked space awaiting with certainty a promised treasure. You have conquered the first obstacle when you exercise your ability to believe.

​Reach out for help like so many waypoints in a life plotting toward fulfillment. Each stop an achievement through collaborative effort. You will end up with a team ready to contribute toward common goals, each motivated to journey forward.

​As if a sleepy giant of a possibility lounges grumpily on the couches of your subconscious, so your calling waits for the preparation of a warm shower, a fibrous breakfast, and a committed partner. Awaken your destiny with infrastructure, governance, and education.

​Insight into the silent rhythms and unseen energies of the universe, you begin to recognize a pattern. Like the cycle of seasons or sunrise and sunset, you perceive the results as outline of an invisible force. Tune in, expand your awareness, and reach out for all you need lies within your grasp.


The greatest challenge to your success is the perception of a destination. True success is a process. Trust the process.

Lifestyle Coaching for Lifestyle Change

We call it Lifestyle Coaching because the process works to change your life by informing your choices. Identify and act on your personal passion in your daily life organizing household and finance, career & education, family relationships, and romance to work in concert toward your success.

Career Coaching

Our ideal client is a recent graduate, early career professional, or second-career starter who wants to make a difference in the world. Did you just finish college and find yourself wondering about the value of your degree? Have you done what you wanted in your current career and want to change to a helping profession as a second-career? Do you want to serve, but struggle not knowing how, what training or skills you need? Do you have ideas and visions about helping people but feel you don’t have the money to achieve them?

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Family Coaching

The challenge for families is to individually succeed and to collectively thrive. We see so many families that sacrifice something in order to achieve another. We believe that you can have more from life. Michael Wright, PhD and Taunya Wright, RN work from personal experience and research both in-family and reviewed to present best practices in family development. The goals are to achieve at high levels individually with an experience of love, support, and collaboration. Plus, create family wealth that extends 3 generations. We offer an intervention called theNewWeekend as the centerpiece of family re-creation.

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Financial Coaching

  • Are you working just to pay your bills?
  • Do you have more month than you have money?
  • Have you ever wanted to understand how you can motivate your money to work for you?
  • Do you want to improve your credit score so that you can pay less for what you buy?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, it’s time you learned the skills that the wealthy understand as second nature. I share my personal experience and show you how to expand your revenue streams, and create a lifestyle that builds wealth.

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Couples Coaching

You will learn how to communicate with each other. You will explore financial, child-rearing, health, and activity habits that predict growth and sustainability in your relationship. We also explore goals and competence that will get you to the next level together. My wife co-coaches with me to add credibility and often an alternate perspective on our discussions.

Work It Out

Health Coaching

You are not only what you eat. You are what you meditate, initiate, abdicate, and advocate. This is holistic health. Taunya Wright, RN leads this coaching with mental exercise, nutrition, physical activity, and relationship management at its core. Michael Wright, PhD assists with passion identification, career-family balance, and social enterprise coaching to ensure you make the mark on the world you desire.

Reclaim & Maintain Health

Author Coaching

Author Coaching is a fee for service piece meal. We quote you a service like “Outline.” You pay for that, then decided if you want to go to a next service: “Granulate” where we create 3 sub-topics for each chapter of your outline. We keep submitting service progress until you are ready to finish the project yourself or until the product is finished and ready for the publication process.


A Focus on Getting Things Done

Whether you are an author, parent, entrepreneur, or family, get the insight and support that changes can’t to CAN.

Coaching Price Table

Life Coaching Silver package


  • 30-minute coaching interaction. Duration
  • Notes listed on the billing invoice. Documentation
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Life Coaching Gold package


  • 60-minute coaching interaction. Duration
  • Notes presented in personalized email. Documentation
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Life Coaching Platinum package


  • 90-minute coaching interaction. Duration
  • Notes presented in personalized email. Documentation
  • get started

Author Coaching Silver Package


  • Duration
  • Documentation