Taunya S. Wright, Nurse and Author

Taunya Wright currently resides in Reno, NV. She is a retired registered nurse, an author, wife, and a mother to three children. In January 2018, Taunya began her venture of sharing her holistic health offer through the creation of Rewrite health. Her 25 years of experience has also allowed her to see a variety of health issues in varied settings. Rewrite Health is the portal to gain optimum health from any point you may find yourself in the health spectrum. The purpose of Rewrite health is to provide information that will assist health-conscious individuals with ways to transform their current health situation into one that benefits them holistically. The Rewrite health offer includes training, online or in person, and individual and group coaching. Taunya believes that everyone’s situation is unique so she is open to working with individuals to customize a plan that fits their needs.

As an author, Taunya has completed a 5-book fiction series in 2018. The series is titled the Brady Boe Series for middle school kids. She is currently writing a nonfiction book titled Building the Young Girl and a fiction novel titled Truth. When Taunya is not writing books she is expressing her creativity as an artisan, reading, and combining education and creativity while homeschooling her two children. The “Building Education through City Creation,” was her latest major homeschool project, which is now available as a training. Taunya’s books are available on this site in the shop or they can be purchased at Lulu.com and Amazon.com.