Taunya S. Wright, Author

Taunya Wright currently resides in Reno, NV. She is a registered nurse, an author, wife, and a mother to three children. She published her first book “Lemonade” in 2010. Lemonade is the first book in the five-book Brady Boe series. Since then Taunya's second book in the series “Wild Honey” was published in November of 2012. and S'mores, the third book was published in March of 2016.

She is currently working to finish the fourth book in the series, "Paella" in 2017. Taunya enjoys writing and reading in a few different genres, but mainly mystery, drama, and medical thrillers. She is also a artisan with a passion for combining education and creativity. The "Building Education through City Creation," was her latest major project. As a nurse, she has an interest in illness prevention and health literacy, and she is working to develop content in these areas.