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The Bed & Breakfast Story

The Bed & Breakfast story is the featured story. It is a fiction story that brings out three important points in life: Self-awareness, Wisdom, and Legacy. Love and security and sometimes the lack thereof is the driving force that influences the characters in the story to behave a certain way. I was impressed to write this story because in life I feel we are given so much that we are not aware of. The story introduces and unfolds a path that starts somewhat tragic but, unravels to show all the intricate details that build legacy in the lives of the characters. The Bed & Breakfast story is not just one person’s journey of hardship and success, but many people. The characters engage with life at first through protected lens as they cope with its ups and downs. Eventually, some find a different way to approach life to make it more meaningful.

The Bed & Breakfast symbolizes a foundation built on hope, strength, and wisdom. It is the place that is sought after and a place that some want to tear down. In the story, character is built and sometimes must be torn down for growth to take place. Read the stories and allow yourself to experience the fears, joys, and sadness the characters feel. You will see life unfold as the Bed & Breakfast becomes more than a vision in the eyes of the those who will possess it.

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